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What is the history of Nangs?

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

While preparing some delicious cocktails, or home pastries, one may wonder, what is the history of nangs? How did they end up in our kitchens, and what exactly is hidden in these small canisters? These are very good questions, and for all those curious bakers, we prepared this guide on the history of nangs in Australia.

Now you can enjoy all the whipped cream you want and be knowledgeable about the origins of whipping cream chargers, also known as NOS and nangs. Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to impress one or two friends as well?

Table of Contents

What Are Nangs?

A good starting point for us would be to explain what exactly nangs are. Their popularity is immense, but not everyone knows how they actually work.

Nangs are small metal bulbs filled with nitrous oxide (N2O). The primary application of nangs is in cooking, & alcohol infusion where they are used along side a cream whipper. They’re designed to work with a cream whipper.

Why Are Cream Chargers Called Nangs?

Where does the name “nangs” come from? Although officially, we would say whipping cream chargers or whipping cream canisters, the colloquial and often used name for them is nangs. But why?

The history of the word “nang” is rather fascinating. The word ‘nang’ comes about from a slang term used by people, in Australia. It is not known when it originated, although now, “Nang” is the most commonly used term for cream chargers and other N2O baking supplies in Australia for most bakers, restaurants, tea shops, and retailers!

Are Nangs Dangerous?

Whipped cream chargers, if used properly, don’t pose any threat. It is essential to follow the producer’s instructions and use whipped cream canisters and nangs according to their intended purpose.

The risk of burns is a factor when dealing with N2O as the gas can cause sub-zero burns if not handled with care. N2O burns should receive professional medical attention as it can cause tissue damage that may not be completely visible externally.

Final Thoughts

N2O is used with nangs which are primarily used in the kitchen to create whipped cream, cock tail infusion, coffees, which help give many foods and beverages their desired texture & taste.

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